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  1. How long does the training last?

    SFUSD Pathway teachers participate in a year of coursework and coaching, beginning with a six-week pre-service training, beginning May 30th. At the conclusion of the program, teachers will be ready for a long and rewarding career in SFUSD, making a lifelong impact on their students along the way.

  2. When will I be fully certified to teach?

    When teachers complete pre-service training, they are recommended for their district intern credential, which allows them to be hired as a fulltime SFUSD educator and earn a full salary while working toward certification.

    Teachers who successfully meet certification and program requirements at the completion of their first year teaching will be recommended for a California preliminary teaching credential. They will then be eligible to clear their credential through the SFUSD induction program.

  3. When is summer training and what does it include?

    Pre-service training is scheduled to begin on May 30th, and run through mid-July. This timeline includes several orientation days prior to summer school, as well as a several-day follow up institute a few weeks after summer school ends on July 26-28th). We will share more details as soon as the calendar is finalized.

    It is an intensive six-week course that includes student teaching, coaching and seminar sessions. Teachers learn essential skills like managing a classroom, delivering content, and keeping students engaged in rigorous learning activities. These fundamentals must be mastered by the end of summer training.

    Only teachers who can demonstrate those skills will complete pre-service training and begin teaching full-time in the fall. Pre-service training is extremely demanding, consisting of sessions five days per week for approximately 10-12 hours daily. Due to the critical importance of the training, attendance is mandatory every day.

  4. Is summer training paid?

    Summer training is unpaid, but participants may receive reimbursements to help offset the costs associated with testing and training. 

    Once you secure a position, you can look forward to a competitive salary and excellent benefits even as you complete your certification coursework.

  5. How much does the program cost?

    SFUSD Pathway to Teaching is designed to be one of the most affordable and accessible training options available in our region. Teachers are responsible for paying the program tuition of $5,000.00. Tuition payments do not begin until teachers have completed pre-service training and have secured their full-time teaching position in the fall. At that point, payments will be deducted from their SFUSD paychecks.

    Teachers are also responsible for all fees associated with certification, including fees for required examinations, fingerprinting and background check fees, as well as costs associated with state or district hiring requirements. These credentialing requirements, including testing, can cost up to $1,000.00.

  6. What is the interview process?

    The interview process begins by phone. Prior to the call, you will receive an email outlining the steps necessary to be prepared for your interview.

    The purpose of the phone interview is to further assess your fit with the program and your potential to become an effective teacher through our training model. During the 25-30 minute interview, you will answer questions about your past experiences and your beliefs about effective teaching. You will also respond to classroom scenarios that are representative of the challenges new teachers may face in an SFUSD classroom. 

    Candidates who advance will be invited to an in-person group interview. You will receive more details prior to the event to help you prepare.

  7. Am I guaranteed a job if I join the program?

    While admission to the SFUSD Pathway to Teaching Program does not guarantee a teaching position, the need for quality teachers in critical-shortage subjects is high. Our recruitment goals for the number of teachers needed are based on our hiring data and projected vacancies for the 2017-18 school year, so we anticipate that all teachers who successfully complete training will be hired before the start of school. 

    Our staff will help you navigate the district hiring process, showing you how to find vacancies and sometimes assisting to coordinate interviews with principals. In addition, our team will host job-search workshops, set up mock-interviews and review résumés.

    Teachers are more successful when they work in a school that is a good fit for them. For that reason, you will be responsible for leading your own job search to ensure that both you and your principal feel good about the match.


  8. How do I determine if I'm eligible to apply?

    To be considered for our program, you must:

    • Hold a Bachelor’s degree (conferred by June, 2018) from a regionally accredited college or university
    • Meet all legal requirements to work in the US;
    • Pass a criminal background check and drug test before the start of school; and
    • Be applying for your credential for the first time. Applicants who already hold a teaching credential, or who have completed another alternative certification program are not eligible.
  9. What will I teach?

    We are recruiting elementary (Multiple Subjects) teachers, elementary (Bilingual in Spanish) teachers and K-12 Special Education (Education Specialist) teachers.

    • To be eligible to teach in one of these areas, you will be required to take and pass the test that correlates with your subject area assignment prior to Pre-Service Training in June.
    • More information on all requirements is available on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website here, or by emailing pathway@sfusd.edu.
    • Note: We are no longer accepting applications for Elementary (Multiple Subjects) teachers this season.
  10. When is the deadline to apply?

    Applications are currently closed. Subscribe to receive an update when it reopens for the 2018-19 school year.